Week Three Summary

Tonight I completed the assignments for my third week in DS106. I enjoyed this week a lot more than the first two weeks as I have been able to further develop my site, I also enjoyed the writing activities we were assigned as well.

The first part of the work I tackled was writing what it means to be a Superhero. I enjoyed reading the assigned article which I reflected on in a blog post which can be found here.

The second part of week three I completed was watching a youtube video of Kurt Vonnegut explaining his methods behind the so called functions of superheroes. I compared his method to my favorite Marvel show, Daredevil, which can be found on netflix. I compared this character to Vonnegut’s method which I wrote a blog on.

The third and forth parts of week three I completed were the character dossier and the 8 stars worth of writing assignments. I named my superhero Brantford Titansworth, and my character background can be found on this blog post. Of all the writing assignments that were available, I definitely enjoyed the SuperStory Generator the most because of all the creativity I could put into it. I look forward to further developing my character and writing stories about his superpowers. In addition, I also liked reading other peoples posts to see what they had come up with, it is also very fun to comment on my classmates posts.

I look forward to what week 4 will bring!

Here are my three Daily Creates for this week:


My Character Dossier

For my character I created, I decided to name him Brantford Titansworth, who is secretly a man named Peter Bourgeois. Peter was born on June 21st, 1996, but other than that his origin is unknown. He has no known parents, he raised himself and possesses unmatched intelligence- something along the lines of Professor X. Brantford loves Natural Light beer, and occasionally drinks too much, and for this reason it is his nemesis. Titansworth is deceivingly muscular and noticeably handsome, and is a very low key person. He has managed his wife by taking advantage of his intelligence, somewhat like Frank Abagnale from “Catch Me If You Can”. His favorite book is “My side of the Mountain” because it reflects independence at a young age and his nemesis is conforming to society. On a closing and rather important note, Brantford’s favorite food is Steak.

Daredevil vs the Vonnegut Method

Daredevil, a Marvel show featured on Netflix, is in my opinion in line with the Vonnegut method as described in the video. Kurt Vonnegut describes a rise and fall pattern in which there are rises and falls in adversity throughout the superhero’s story. Daredevil, the main character in the show, overcomes multiple rises and falls throughout the series; he is a blind lawyer who fights crime and corruption in Hell’s Kitchen. It is for these reasons I believe this character parallels the Vonnegut method.

What It Means to be a Superhero

After reading “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth To Modern Superheroes”, written by Evan Narcisse, I was able to get a better grasp on what it means to truly be a superhero. This article contained excerpts from an interview with Jess Nevins, and shows “how the myths and poetic adventures of past eras fed into the DNA of superhero fiction.”. Being a superhero is not confined to a supernatural being with supernatural powers, it expands beyond moral boundaries. A superhero does not need a “mission statement” nor do they need to wear a cape. One critical point was that superheroes are defined by their legacy or how monumental their actions were at the height of their relevance. The main theme I noticed throughout reading this article was that what truly defines a Superhero is through overcoming adversity and defeat at all odds in the aim to save/help others. I currently have been watching “Daredevil” on Netflix, and this theme is constantly prevalent throughout each episode. Daredevil is currently my favorite superhero because he sabotages social corruption while being clinically blind.

September 8th Weekly Summary

My second week of Digital Storytelling truly showed me how much work this class requires but I can definitely say I enjoyed it.

The first part of the assignment that I addressed was reading through the google doc which assigned me to the “Audio” group. The document explained the goals for the assignment as well as it’s requirements, however at first I found it rather difficult to come up with ideas for future assignments. After looking at previous examples from the ds106 assignments page I was able to find some inspiration. After I completed this, I read through the post by Adam Levine which provided me with excellent insight into writing a thorough and thoughtful blog post.

I then moved on to the Dailey Creates portion of the assignment; I originally found these posts rather confusing and difficult to decipher, but after reading and commenting on previous replies from other ds106 students I was able to grasp the idea of what each Daily Create entails. Once I understood what each post meant, I found it enjoyable to create my own responses as well as reading what others had to say.

here are my digital creates:


Next, I started to explore the assignment bank and chose three different assignments to complete amongst respective categories. I chose to create a GIF of what I thought was the best sports play within the past year, which can be found here. I also completed two other assignments; a writing assignment where I describe the most inspirational person in my life and a visual assignment where I created my very own Game of Thrones sigil, which can be found here. Overall the GIF assignment was my favorite of the three due to the fact that I am a huge sports fan, and Russell Westbrook gets me very fired up.

After this, I began playing around with the customization of my blog page. i wasn’t happy with the original theme or color scheme, so I was able to browse through the options and select the ones that I liked. I also changed the name of my blog site and installed the plugins as described on the assignment page.

Overall, I really enjoyed the assignments for week 2. Although it was rather challenging to figure out on your own, I learned a lot about writing successful blog posts and how to effectively commentate on others work. My favorite park of week 2 was definitely working on the individual projects within the project bank. I’m looking forward to doing more of these assignments in the weeks to come as well as developing my blog site.

House Burns: Ever Ready

Hey Everyone,

for this visual assignment, I chose to create my very own Game of Thrones house and Sigil. In order to successfully and appropriately complete this task I used the website jointherealm.com to design my Sigil.

Here is what I came up with:

When creating the design of my sigil, I chose to incorporate my family name and it’s values into it’s visual appearance. The family name Burns primarily comes from Ireland, so I decided to incorporate the family crest and motto, “EVER READY” into the design. My favorite colors are green and blue, and my favorite animal is a dog so naturally I incorporated those items into my sigil as well. I really enjoyed doing this assignment as I am a huge game of thrones fan and have seen every episode to date.

here is the assignment link.

Russell Westbrook: Triple-Double Record+ Game Winning Shot

Hi Everyone,

for my second assignment I chose to create a GIF of what, is in my opinion, the best sports play from the past year. The best play I’ve seen in sports this past year was EASILY when Russell Westbrook, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, broke Oscar Robertson‘s all time Triple-Double record.

Westbrook broke Robertson’s record in the 4th quarter and received a standing ovation; it is not common for a record as accomplished as Robertson’s to be broken. After Westbrook achieved his 42nd triple double of the season, he found his team down 103-105 to the Denver Nuggets. With only 4 seconds left, Steven Adams passed the ball to Westbrook, who immediately threw up a near impossible three-point shot. To everyone’s amazement, the shot fell in and my jaw hit the floor. I am no Oklahoma City Thunder fan (I prefer the Washington Wizards), however, the effort and finish by Westbrook was of nothing I have seen before in basketball.

I made this gif using makeagif.com 

To see the full highlights from Westbrook’s historic game, watch here.

assignment link

My Mother: A Constant Source of Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

the person that inspires me most is definitely my Mom, Ellen Burns. My Mom has been a constant companion of mine since the day I was born; she has taught me valuable life lessons which are unparalleled to anything else I have ever learned. Not only is she an amazing mother, she is also an incredibly talented artist who’s range of expertise is unmatched with anyone I have met. She has been there for me when no one else has and has helped me through some very difficult points in my life. My mom is my rock and I am blessed to have her in my life.

assignment: Who Inspires You?

September 1st Weekly Summary

Hello Everyone,

In case you didn’t watch my multimodal intros, my name is Alex Burns and I am a 21-year-old junior from Fairfax, VA majoring in Communications. Coming into this class, I did not know what to expect but after the first week I am very excited for the semester ahead. The first week’s worth of work was rather easy to me; I had taken into to Digital Studies last semester, so setting up a subdomain for this class was simple as I had my personal domain set up from last year. A lot of this was rather refreshing to see again, it served as a good reminder on using WordPress and navigating C-Panel. The main takeaway from our first week of assignments is to stress how time consuming the work in this class is. The subject matter may not seem difficult, but setting up a new subdomain and embedding links into a blog post certainly takes some time. I am also very excited to be working with the “superhero” theme as superheroes were a big part of my childhood, so it is rather nostalgic to be seeing them again.

I can’t wait to get the ball rolling in this class and learn more about how to tell stories digitally over the web.